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Wage Claim Cases

Our firm fights for wage claim cases to get our clients what they are owed. Have you been shorted what you are owed by an employer? Did you miss one or more paychecks? The Colorado Wage Claim Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are in place to protect you from stingy employers ripping you off. Contact our law firm today for a free consultation, and let’s help you get what you deserve.

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Wage Case Lawyer Colorado Springs, CoSometimes employers wrongly classify employees as exempt (aka a salaried employee) when they are really non-exempt (aka hourly). Other times they simply deny paying overtime or amounts that have been duly earned by the employee.

On top of the financial stress this creates for the employee, it can be a scary time for them, too. They can fear for their job or even their reputation in the industry if they speak up. Employers who find themselves involved in wage claim cases have usually counted on the person not retaining an attorney and letting them just get away with it.

Don’t let them cheat you. You put in your time on the job. Now it’s time for them to pay. Reach out to one of our attorneys today to get started.

Denver Wage and Hour Lawyer

As Denver wage and hour lawyers, we are well-versed in all aspects of wage claim cases, and know which aspects of the law will apply to your specific case. One aspect of the Colorado Wage Act that works in favor of a lot of former employees seeking lost wages is a clause that dictates an employer must pay all wages due at the time of resignation or termination.

Wage Claims Fort Collins, Co

If, for some reason, their accounting unit isn’t able to issue the paycheck at the time of termination due to it being non-operational, they have no more than six hours on the next scheduled business day to get you your check. If this has been violated in your instance, our attorneys can hold the employer liable not just for the unpaid wages, but the penalties that are associated with not paying wages that are owed. This can be very favorable for the employee in some cases.

Protect yourself and your wages by retaining an aggressive and accomplished attorney who focuses on wage claim cases and financial law. At Berken Cloyes, PC, our lawyers have a combined total of more than sixty years of helping people regain financial freedom. You could be next.

If you need assistance with wage claim cases in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Boulder, Loveland or any nearby area, call our legal team today at (303) 623-4357 to schedule an appointment.