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You may find some of these sites helpful.

Bankruptcy and Other Legal Resources

  • – The National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys. Stephen Berken is the former state chair for Colorado. NACBA is the leading consumer debtor organization for bankruptcy professionals.
  • – The American Bankruptcy Institute. Stephen Berken is the state co-chair for ABI continuing legal education. ABI produces an excellent monthly journal, and has excellent resources.
  • – The Faculty of Federal Advocates. If you qualify, an attorney may assist you in defending an adversary case without charge.
  • – Interactive Bankruptcy Code and Rules.
  • - Cornell Law School sponsored bankruptcy code and rules. We use this site frequently.
  • – As student loans are not dischargeable (with few rare exceptions) this site might help you navigate choices.
  • – United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado. The site contains recent legal decisions by the judges, and link to the code and local bankruptcy rules.
  • - The American Board of Certification. Both Stephen Berken and Sean Cloyes are certified experts. (Not too many of us in Colorado).
  • - Self-help legal forms. A good resource.
  • - IRS account transcripts. Are your taxes dischargeable? Ask for the “account” transcript.

Other Sites

  • – The National Association of Consumer Attorneys. Everything from lemon law to foreclosure defense.
  • - A free search resource for finding people who own or have owned real estate.
  • a list of secured credit card companies to help re-establish credit.
  • – A useful website for consumer issues.
  • - Denver Community Credit Union. It has a program to reestablish credit.
  • – Learn more about “spoofing” and how collectors trick consumers.
  • – Colorado’s Real Estate Commission approved forms.
  • – The Colorado Secretary of State’s website for finding companies and UCC-1 Financing Statements.
  • – Get your free credit report here. Credit reports are not perfect, but a good source to find out who your creditors are.
  • – How to find Colorado statutes.
  • – The State of Colorado’s official website.
  • – Colorado Bureau of Investigation website. It has a database of arrest records. Check out your potential roommate or tenant.