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  • – United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado. A great place to find all the rules, forms, and guidelines for the bankruptcy, along with a lot of other useful information. It is maintained and regularly updated with the latest changes.
  • – The National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys. A valuable resource for bankruptcy lawyers. It contains a lot of useful information for consumers and businesses seeking debt relief under the bankruptcy code.
  • – Student loans are typically non-dischargeable except in the case of a hardship.
  • – The Faculty of Federal Advocates. The FFA can help individuals defend bankruptcy adversary proceedings.
  • – Bankruptcy Code and Rules.
  • – Defenses to credit card debt lawsuits. Some useful information on defending against credit card debt lawsuits.
  • – The American Bankruptcy Institute.
  • – The IRS Publication 594 – The Collection Process. This publication details the IRS collection process. It covers such topics as which debts are dischargeable or not, ways to pay, and what happens if you don’t pay.
  • – A great place to start if you are facing bankruptcy. This site gives insight into how the process works, and even what kind of bankruptcy might suit you best.

Debt and Lawsuits

Consumer Law

  • – The National Association of Consumer Attorneys. A valuable tool for consumer rights attorneys used to protect consumers rights. A great starting point for consumers seeking legal advice. Consumer Law at Berken Cloyes
  • – Colorado Attorney General. A great place to report credit companies acting improperly.