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Tax Liens

Have you already gotten the bill from the IRS (the Notice and Demand for Payment) and missed your payment deadline? If so, there’s likely already tax liens on your personal and business property and assets. Oftentimes, these liens still continue even after a successful bankruptcy.

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Tax Lien Lawyer Fort Collins, CoIf a tax lien isn’t handled, the government can actually levy your property - meaning take possession of it - to discharge the debt. You may even already have seen your wages garnished by them.

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What Can a Tax Lien Do?

Unfortunately for many, the IRS is able to put a lien on all of your assets - both personal and business - that are in your name. That means vehicles, properties, accounts receivable, future assets, and even your credit can be subject to tax liens.

If you owe income taxes, the tax agency doesn’t need to follow protocols other creditors would, like filing a lawsuit and getting a judgment against you granted. They can simply start garnishing your wages. This can be as much as 25% of your disposable earnings, or anything over 30 times federal minimum wage, whichever is less. So if you make $400 a week, they would be able to take $100 a week. If you make $2,000 a week, it would be $500.

Tax Lien Attorney Colorado Springs, CO

Whatever your income level, you probably count on those wages to live off of, and make good on any other debts you may have. Losing 25% of it unexpectedly can be a real blow. Have your wages already been garnished?

Find out what this path means for you, your family or your business - contact our firm today and let’s figure out how to get you out of trouble. Our tax lien attorneys know the law surrounding state and federal taxes, and what can and can’t be done by the tax agency, legally. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can analyze your case and take action to stop the lien from turning into a levy.

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