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Debt Relief

When you start working with one of our debt relief attorneys, we will ensure all collection efforts cease at once. That means no more harassing phone calls, letters threatening lawsuits, repossession, or foreclosure. You’ll have instant relief from creditors.

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Debt Settlement Fort Collins, COWe will work with you to find out what your priorities are, and help you keep what matters most. For many of our clients, they now owe so much more than their home is worth, that it makes more sense to discharge that debt and move on, free of it. That might be through a foreclosure, a short sale, or a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

If you aren’t in that situation and keeping your home is important to you, we will go over your options to do just that, such as a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. A debt relief lawyer can help you find peace of mind once again.

As a law firm dedicated to helping Denverites get out of debt, our attorneys will work with you to find the best and fastest route to financial freedom available. Whether that means debt settlement, one of the several forms of bankruptcy, or some other path, we will put our experience to work in your best interest.

Debt Settlement

When you can no longer make your payments on unsecured debt, such as medical bills or credit card bills, debt settlement can offer you freedom from those burdens. Debt settlement is one of the only ways to discharge your debts without having to declare bankruptcy.

If you’re on this page, you must be overwhelmed by your personal debts. Whether you are being pressured by the bank to foreclose on your home, hounded by a collection agency for medical bills, credit card debts, student loans, or car payments, the effect it can have on your life can be horrendous. Most people who are in a tough financial situation have enough stress on their plate without the harassment that comes from aggressive collection efforts.

Debt settlement makes all of that stop at once. No more phone calls or letters. All communications get taken over by our law firm. Our lawyers will negotiate with your creditors, getting them to slash interest and come to a reasonable agreement on what you can actually afford to pay.

Debt Relief Attorney Colorado Springs, CO

You’ll make smaller, affordable, monthly payments that work within your budget. These go into a holding account while we renegotiate your debts and get lower payoff amounts. Once the terms of the debt settlement are agreed upon, the creditors get paid from that holding account, and they formally discharge you from the debt. You’ll have a fresh start, debt-free and ready for anything.

You aren’t alone in this fight. We’ve been helping clients through debt relief programs for decades. In fact, our lead attorneys have a combined total of more than 60 years in practice. When it comes to finding the best way out of debt for you, your family, or your business, you’ll be in great hands with our team.

There are risks with debt settlement, but the benefits often outweigh them, depending on your exact circumstances. It’s possible that debt consolidation or a form of bankruptcy may be a better option for your situation. Consult with one of our debt relief attorneys before deciding which route might be right for you, as there are lots of nuances within the laws & legal codes that can be used to ensure you get the most benefit from your chosen path.

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