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In spite of what you may have heard, life does go on after bankruptcy.  It did for the creator of the “greatest show on earth,” P.T. Barnum, famous film director Francis Ford Coppola, Walt Disney, Marvin Gaye, candy magnate Milton Hershey, Larry King, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain and (before he coined the phrase “You’re Fired”) Donald Trump, and life most certainly will go on for you and your family.

While obtaining credit may be more difficult for a time after filing for bankruptcy, our clients have obtained:

  • credit cards (some “secured” credit cards can be obtained immediately after discharge)
  • obtain financing for a new vehicle (anytime after discharge)
  • obtain a mortgage, or refinance an existing mortgage (sometimes as soon as a year after receiving a discharge)
  • modify an existing mortgage (sometimes while the bankruptcy case is still open/not completed)
  • financing from a local credit union (6 months to a year after discharge)

As you can see, it will take some time to get back on your feet, credit-wise.  And initially, you can expect to pay higher interest rates on any money you borrow following bankruptcy.  But clearly, bankruptcy is not the credit purgatory that it’s made out to be.  Bankruptcy can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, but financing is available if you make responsible choices with regard to credit after your bankruptcy filing. 

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