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Personal Bankruptcy

Are you looking at going through personal bankruptcy? Struggling to make ends meet, and deciding whether to keep a roof over your family’s head and put food on the table, or keep creditors paid is no way to live life. Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start. Once you’ve filed for bankruptcy, the harassment from creditors stops. The threatening calls, letters, and other frustration stops. And you are on the path to being debt-free and starting over financially.

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Bankruptcy Colorado Springs, CO

Types of Personal Bankruptcy

There are several types of personal bankruptcy that may be right for your situation.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - In chapter 7 , the person, couple or business filing will be liquidating their non-exempt assets to discharge their debts. Many possessions do classify as exempt - meaning you get to keep them. This is a great option for those who don’t have a way to pay back their debts and want to just be done with it, and get a fresh start as fast as possible. Especially if you have a high amount of debt, lower income, and not a lot of assets.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - another form of personal bankruptcy, Chapter 13 gives debtors a way to pay their creditors back over time - three to five years - rather than liquidate their assets to discharge the debts. It can be a viable option for those who don’t qualify for Chapter 7 (perhaps from a higher income than is allowable), and who can and want to pay their creditors back.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy - while less commonly used for individuals, Chapter 11 can sometimes be recommended for those who do not qualify for either Chapter 7 or 13. With this route, debts are reorganized and put on a repayment plan in a way that works for the creditors. It gives the debtor some extra time to pay back what is owed, and can be a great relief.

Filing Personal Bankruptcy Fort Collins COYou need a strong and experienced bankruptcy attorney in your corner who will make sure you and the assets that matter most to you are protected. We will evaluate your case and find out which aspects of your personal and professional life are most important to you, and compare that with the types of bankruptcy you may qualify for and advise you accordingly.

At Berken Cloyes, PC, personal bankruptcy is the core focus of our practice. Serving the Denver area for many years, we have helped countless individuals & small businesses through Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Let our sharp and knowledgeable lawyers help you find the quickest path out of debt. Contact us now to set up your free consultation and get one step closer to financial freedom.

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