Bankruptcy is Not an Ending. It is a New Beginning.

You don’t have to face it alone. When debt and bills have taken over your life, you need a Denver bankruptcy attorney who understands your situation. We have worked with thousands of clients and helped them navigate through the murky legal waters of bankruptcy. It is especially more complicated now since the laws were changed in 2005. But it is still possible to file for bankruptcy, in spite of what your creditors have told you! We have substantial experience dealing with the new laws. Our clients are so satisfied with our work that over 50% of our new bankruptcy clients have been referred by previous clients, due to the caring attention they received from our office.

Why Hire Us?

This is a critical time in your life. Choosing the right Denver bankruptcy attorney is a difficult task, especially with all the attorneys jockeying for your business. But many attorneys “dabble” in this area of law due to the high demand caused by the floundering economy. A mistake made by an inexperienced bankruptcy lawyer or petition preparer can cost you thousands of dollars. We exclusively practice in the area of bankruptcy law in our Denver practice, and you will always be dealing with a partner of the firm, and you will not be under rules to call our office only during specified times of the day. We have provided affordable legal help to our clients for over 30 years in Colorado.

We love what we do. Banks and other lenders love consumers when payments are made on time (in fact, the consumer that pays minimum payments for years on credit cards is their ideal customer). But when job loss, illness or other life changes cause you to miss payments, banks, lenders and collection agencies become big bullies. When the income goes down, the minimum payments do not. They do not care what cards life has dealt you. We are here to protect your rights, not those of the big banks.

What We Are Not…….

Do not choose an attorney based on price. We are not a bankruptcy mill. There are plenty of Denver bankruptcy attorneys that will promise to handle your case for rock bottom prices. We are not a national firm where we pawn you off to an associate fresh out of law school that we have never met (and there are plenty of those right here in Denver!). We get it – everyone wants to feel like they’re getting the best deal possible. But bankruptcy is a complicated area of practice. Like anything else in life, if you pay too little, you’re not going to be happy with what you bought. The services you get from our Denver bankruptcy attorneys will provide benefits that will last for years to come. Our Denver attorneys have mastered the craft of bankruptcy. Your peace of mind is worth it – you won’t regret it.

But I found a Petition Preparer That Will Handle My Case for $200……

Bankruptcy is a difficult area of practice.  Without an experienced attorney, it will be very difficult for you to take full advantage of the bankruptcy laws.  And that is even more so if you choose to risk everything and have a petition preparer handle your case.  With a petition preparer, it will even be difficult to decide which chapter of bankruptcy is best for you, or worse, deciding whether you even qualify for bankruptcy.  A petition preparer cannot give you legal advice of any kind.  If they attempt to do so, they are engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

Filing for bankruptcy is complex.  The forms are complex.  A single mistake can result in your case being improperly filed.  You are required to provide your bankruptcy trustee with certain documents in the case – the petition preparer or paralegal will not do that for you.  If you miss even a single (what seems to be) inconsequential thing, your case may be dismissed.

The bottom line is this: you need one of our experienced Denver bankruptcy attorneys to ensure that the process goes smoothly, and that your case and all paperwork and information related to this are filed correctly.  Take the time to discover what Berken Cloyes PC can do to assist.  Call today at 720-683-4357 to learn more about your case.  We have the experience and expertise to help you right the ship today.